2018 Year in Review
Hi, I'm Kris, and here's my 2018 in review! A lot happened this year. I was a Product Manager for a Lean Innovation Lab and for an Applications Cloud Migration Pilot. I yoga shredded, walked, meditated, sticker book painted, shot a short film and traveled to California, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania. In 2019 I look forward to continuing to level up in my professional and personal life while helping others to do the same. Read below to learn more about where I've been this year—and where I'm headed.
Things that happened this year:
  • The year started with wrapping up a 6 month Lean Lab
  • Then I spoke with a bunch of great companies including: eBay, Facebook, NBC Universal, New York Times, Pivotal Labs, Rackspace, Macy's, Levi's, Poshmark, Home Depot & SFO before joining Cognizant
  • With Cognizant I became a client facing Senior Product Manager / Lead on a client engagement with a team of 8 onshore and 4 offshore for an Applications Cloud Migration Pilot in the aviation space
  • We migrated 13 apps in 6 months and established patterns for migrating roughly another 200
  • As the first team on the ground we also onboarded 5 more projects/teams in 6 months
  • Tools used included JIRA, Confluence, BitBucket, Jenkins, Dynatrace, Service Now, Trello, Office, VSM; shout out to Dreamhost Remixer tool that enabled me to put a draft for this site together in a few hours
  • Ran Lean/SAFe planning, sprints, stand ups, iterations, retrospectives, client and team check ins
  • Retired at least 1 VM
Things I want to do in the coming year:
  • Do great work with Cognizant
  • Cloud related learnings and/or certifications
  • I'd love to do the free online CS degree that's made up of all the best classes from the best schools-even if I did one or two classes I'd be happily on that road
Experiments /  Hobbies / Extracurricular
Things that happened this year:
Things I want to do in the coming year
  • Get a pretty tight & high quality minimalist travel oriented lady closet in place
  • Finish up the short doc and figure out distribution (festivals or other)
  • Try silver/gray fashion hair maybe with some ombre or a second fashion color
  • Find homes for the terrariums especially as I will likely have to move house this year
  • I'm taking an orientation for getting more involved with outreach and charitable activities at work
  • This year is a big birthday and a big anniversary of my study abroad program so I'm planning a big trip that includes a reunion in Copenhagen
Things that happened this year:
  • After trying things that didn't really stick I found a program on YouTube called Yoga Shred. It's versatile and quick
  • I haven't weighed myself but my clothes are looser
  • Also after some 20+ years of practicing yoga, I've turned some sort of a corner where I feel very comfortable tailoring a routine to how I am that day where before I'd always think success was adhering to the routine. I'm surely thinking about this because of Tim Wu
  • Continued using the Insight Timer app for meditation
  • I listen to guided meditations and I had already been doing that in 2017 but it stuck-I've logged 250 hours this year and 644 sessions
  • With this I'm learning from all sorts of teachers in different areas
  • Lastly I feel leaps and bounds more resilient and I'm getting good feedback in that regard as well
Things I want to do in the coming year
  • Keep up the exercise and meditation, maybe get in more paddle boarding if possible as I really enjoy that
  • Finesse my eating & some of the other travel impacts like f.ex. staying hydrated seems challenging
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